Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Against my better judgement, and against the advice of everybody i choose to ask, I bought myself another 300ZX, Manual, Twin Turbo (My old one was a non turbo (NA)) ... 206Kw of Japanese power!, I spent twice what i was looking to spend on a cheap runabout car (given that we could well have done without a car in melbourne), but in return i got... well, an impractical, fuel guzzling, two door sportscar :)

But, as they say, thats not all. Having done something else highly unadvised and bought my new car without a roadworthy certificate (RWC), Which is a requirement to register a car in Victoria - somewhat like the WOF in NZ, Except you only need to get one when you first register (or transfer) a car - I took the car into the local 300ZX specialist, Nissport for a checkup. After only a quick investigation i was told the bad news, the car i had brought had some significant problems and would require major repairs including a top end rebuild of the engine (replacement heads).

What could i do?, I had to go ahead and tell them to do the work, A car that doesn't go or can't be legally driven is no good to me!, But I'm more than slightly peeved with the deliberate deceipt of the seller (bloody greeks).

Over the past few weeks i've had a few more calls from Nissport as more problems have been discovered. I've had to add Rings, Clutch and Flywheel to the every growing repair list and i'm now anticpating this will cost me well over $7K to complete. (And that might be cutting it a bit short), The turbos were showing a few minor signs of wear but the $3K+ bill to replace these was simply more than my bank balance can bear, So my fingers are crossed that they hold out until i can afford the replacements!

After about 3 weeks in the shop, I'm due to get my car back shortly and i'm quaking at the thought of what the final bill will be! But in the end i will have a sporty, high performance, good looking automobile. Was it worth it?... Probably not.

What have i had to fix?

Replacement heads due to valve seat wear (reconditioned heads, new valves etc)
Replacement Clutch
Flywheel machining
New sets of Rings, Gaskets
Some suspension components and bushings
New fuel hoses, miscellaneous tidy up work
New Radiator Cap, end tank and radiator rodding
New O2 Sensors, new knock sensor harness
Exhaust hanging to low - This may yet cost me a new exhaust

I'm contemplating seeing what i can do to recover some of these costs from the seller, given his deliberate deceit (in particular he explicity said (and emailed)) that the car had a SARD competition controller which does not appear to exist (and although i was planning to remove any such modifications, the resale value would have helped to mitigate the costs). He also claimed that the car was in excellent mechanical condition.

The massive cost of this has really put a dent in my move to Melbourne and has caused me a lot of stress, anger and distress. Perhaps it has taught me that i need to be less trusting of others, but if i have to urgently resell this car to put myself back in a tenable financial situation it will have been a $5-$10K lesson, which is somewhat more than i can afford, its possibly put me in the situation of feeling that the whole move was a very bad idea.